Wednesday, 20 March 2013

ABCD Part - 2 [Any Body Can succeeD ]

Let’s see how one can relate this ‘ABCD philosophy’ to achieve greatness in one’s life.
  [Any Body Can succeeD]
Get rid of excuses and grab the motivation to succeed. Live your dream, not just in the future, but always! Here's your ABCD Philosophy of success. Check It Out !

*A few days back, I chanced upon this impressive movie ‘ABCD’ (Any Body Can Dance). This movie really hit me somewhere deep inside. In particular, this movie focuses on a gang of aimless youngsters who are somehow blind to their own caliber and are unknown to their ultimate destination. And finally they got guided by a MasterMind (read: Master Dance Trainer in the movie, a role amazingly played by Parbhu Deva) and he made them realize their true potential and of course they were the winners of the grand title of a mega event because of their superlative performance. If you relate the same plot to our ‘as-usual’ life, you will get to see for yourself a lot much similarity. Let’s see how one can relate this ‘ABCD philosophy’ to achieve greatness in one’s life,

A = Attitude Matters

B = Be Yourself

[continued from the previous post]

C= Can-Do
My handset dictionary says, ‘If you say that someone has a can-do attitude, you approve of them because they are confident and willing to deal with problems or new tasks, rather than complaining or giving up.’ Such Can-doers always exhibit a dogged resolve and one can see them roughing it out most earnestly. They do hell of a lot of hard work and really put their whole heart and soul into anything they undertake. They always seem geared up to win the title. And whenever they see the barriers, they find ways to cut through them. They just don’t let the tough stuff drag them down. Sometimes we don’t get due results, everything in life comes crashing down and things go downhill. In such dark moments, most of us feel let down and low. No doubt, facing failure is a tough ask and is also a real test of character. But these Can-doers never give up. They remain keen ever than before to bounce back. They, in fact, keep the momentum going through thick and thin. Needless to say, such ‘Warriors of Light’ reap rich rewards and go on to win the battle of life.
Such ‘Warriors of Light’ reap rich rewards and go on to win the battle of life.

With a difficult childhood, ordinary education and a failed career, Charlie Chaplin’s is a Remarkable Rags to Riches Story. He was one of those Can-doers who really made his mark. In his own words, "I was hardly aware of a crisis because we lived in a continual crisis; and, being a boy, I dismissed our troubles with gracious forgetfulness. We must laugh in the face of our helplessness against all the forces of nature and never lose our heart. I (was) newsvendor, printer, toymaker, doctor's boy, etc., but during these occupational digressions, I never lost sight of my ultimate aim to become an actor. So, between jobs I would polish my shoes, brush my clothes, put on a clean collar and make periodic calls at a theatrical agency. I was determined to make my life work...I suppose, It's an attitude; Life can be wonderful if you're not afraid of it. Remember, you'll never find a rainbow if you're always looking down."

D = Dare to Win
As shown in the movie, the same gang of youngsters (who were once aimless and blind to their own talents) put their fantastic efforts in the finals. Although the competitors caused them some real concerns, their tremendous performance paid off. This proves that you can achieve success regardless of all the complexity and contradiction. Put your best foot forward in attaining the desired goals. And once you make up your mind there should be no looking back. Everybody is faced with some choice at one point of time. And we find ourselves at the crossroads. The biggest dilemma facing us is what to do with 'easy way out' versus 'winning it out'. Surrendering to the difficulties of life or deciding to march ahead is like a two way street. No doubt we all expect a conflict-free life, but none of us is spared. As they say losers are always equipped with ‘Why-Me’ sentiment while winners are always armed with ‘Try-Me’ temperament. And that one choice of daring to be a winner and pushing your hardships to the back foot makes a real difference and transforms your life from simple to spectacular.   

You just need to put your best foot forward in achieving the desired goals.
The life story of Sylvester Stallone is an exemplary inspiration to all those who dare to win. Since childhood his face was damaged, which also caused slight speech impairment. His passion to be an actor was so strong, that he would spend all his time looking for the right opportunity. Whenever he would audition, the directors and producers would reject him because he had a slightly crooked face and has slight speech impairment. Because of his pursuit to become an actor, he was always short on cash. His wife was constantly stressed because of the financial challenges they had to face. She lost her resolve, when Sylvester sold her jewelry one day. She decided to leave him. Sylvester then one day had to sell his beloved dog for $25 to survive. He was at his absolute low. And then he wrote a script based on the trials of a budding boxer. He took the script to a Producer. The producer liked it and negotiated a price $35,000 and taking him in the lead role. The movie was made and named Rocky. And the rest is history.

Finally I could sum up this ABCD philosophy of success into the following statement. You could say I am crazy – that’s fair enough – but hear me out,

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it. That’s the mark of true success.”
-          Gautama Buddha